Georgia Travel Guide & Information

Georgia Travel Guide & Information

Nicolai BangsgaardTsminda Sameba Church

Nicolai BangsgaardTsminda Sameba Church

Georgia is the true definition of a hidden gem. Not many people think of Georgia as a travel destination, myself included until I went there. But I was in for a very pleasant surprise. Georgia has some of the best food I’d eaten in ages, amazingly warm hospitable people, and absolutely stunning nature.


Accommodation is reasonable throughout the country; even in the capital you can easily find a hostel for under €10. There are also quite a few couchsurfers spread around, and in the summer there are plenty of places to camp in the nature.


I arrived in Georgia after a very easy 2000km hitchhike across Turkey and instantly got stuck, and then again, and again. Georgian people are very friendly and have no problems taking hitchhikers, the problem is the roads! The main highway through Georgia is a single lane road full of holes and not even a shoulder to stop on. To make things worse, Georgians drive over 120km on these ridiculous roads! This makes hitchhiking not only difficult, but also dangerous. Luckily there is a train line that runs alongside this abysmal road, which is a very cheap and comfortable alternative. So whenever possible travel by train.

Georgian Food & Drink

Daniel NorrisGeorgian Khinkali

Daniel NorrisGeorgian Khinkali

For me the best reason to visit Georgia has to be for the food. And there really is no better way to taste it than in a traditional Georgian restaurant/bar, washed down with several pints of ridiculously cheap Georgian beer. The most common and traditional thing to eat in Georgia are khinkali which are a kind of dumpling, usually filled with a soupy meat mixture and are absolutely delicious! You can also try khachapuri, a traditional cheese bread filled with a variety of other ingredients including meat or other vegetables. The traditional drink there is chacha, an extremely strong and unique tasting hard liquor. But Georgia is also famous for its wine and beer so keep an eye out for vineyards and breweries where you can fill up your empty water jugs straight from their tanks for a very cheap price.

Climate in Georgia

Georgia is a quite mountainous in places so climate can vary a lot, but in general they have mild summers and mild winters. The coast can be very wet throughout the year but especially in the winter, and inland tends to be much drier.
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  1. Anushka says:

    I love your blog i am planning my trip to Georgia soon, just need to know is there language issues in Georgia? have you done wine tour there?

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