Why is Goa the Best Place to Party in the World?

Cows in Goa Sunbathing I recently wrote an article about The Top 10 Places to Party IN THE WORLD and named Goa as the number one, so I thought I might follow up on that and tell you why!

It's true Goa can be a little bit of an acquired taste. The music is mostly electronic and trance, and the crowd are mostly hippies. But trust me you do not have to be a hippie to enjoy Goa, you don't even have to be into trance! My girlfriend had no interest in trance at all before visiting Goa but she still agrees, Goa is number one!

First of all, Goa is sooo cheap. Alcohol has almost no tax on it so a beer usually costs around €1 in a restaurant or bar. Or you can get a litre of 40% rum for about €1 in a shop which is absolutely crazy, they also have a sweet port wine which is famous around that area for a similar price in case you are a wine drinker. The place is covered in cheap restaurants with a great mix of Western and Indian foods depending on your mood. Accommodation is equally cheap, as well as the local buses, or just hitchhiking. So basically, everything you need is very affordable! You can very easily spend as long as you like there without spending much money at all. Goa party in Hippies bar anjuna 02 For us we found a very cheap apartment owned by a local old man, ate in restaurants 2 or 3 times a day, drank like fish and partied EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and our budget can't have been more than around €7 per person per day!

Ok... It's cheap, but of course that is not enough by it's self! On top of being super cheap Goa also has some of the best electronic DJs in the world, especially in the trance genre. The beaches are absolutely amazing, the beach clubs are all designed brilliantly and the parties are very well organized. Even during the low season they organize themselves by taking turns on who throws a party on which day, so at least one club will be full on any night of the week, just ask around where the party will be that night.

But that's STILL NOT IT!!!

Sunset at hippies bar anjuna goa The reason Goa is number one in this big wide world is because of the atmosphere, the vibe, the certain je ne sais quoi. The fact that every day was different and surprising, and that every stranger was a friend you just didn't know the name of yet. And the perfect balance of chill and crazy. Me and Yağmur actually arrived in Goa with plans to stay just 2 or maybe 3 nights and ended up staying for 2 whole weeks, at the same apartment on the same beach. And we NEVER felt bored! Every night had some unexpected twist in it. One night you are partying with some Russians on the beach, the next you are in a club, the night after you are watching modern belly dancing to dubstep. You never know what you will end up doing or who you will meet. And that's why I love Goa.

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15 comments on “Why is Goa the Best Place to Party in the World?
  1. Ritu Norris says:

    goa is the best place to party… with best vibes melting pot of all cultures merging in one place with all your freedom! proud to be from india…thanks for this article.

  2. Lorena Spirito says:

    wow! I can imagine! = )))

  3. I'm so glad you feel this way about Goa..
    Goa isn't just a place its a culture in its self..

  4. Dan Norris says:

    Glad you liked it, definitely Goa isn't great just because of its great parties, it's the whole feeling of the place that makes it just so amazing 🙂 Btw, am just curious… why does an Indian girl have the same last name as me? haha

  5. …there is no better place…nowhere…))).

  6. Sandeep Kapoor says:

    its my fav regular from 5 years explored 4 seasons there.

  7. for 5 years I used to stay 3 months witout mooving much to other places & when back to France it was like I stayed only 1 month…but every year more & more people comming & not hippies & that changed the magic there a little!

  8. goa is great for the spirits people bring to this place since the early seventies, I love it.

  9. Alena Lebedeva says:


  10. Seby Fernandes says:

    Well did like your comments and of the other readers too, Goa is not just a party place alone, but there is so much beauty around to see but if you are only a party lover, then of course no problem ENJOY yourself, but do also check out the live music happening in various places happy hunting, and WELCOME to Goa. luv Seby

    • Dan Norris says:

      Hey Seby,

      I totally agree, Goa is a whole package; you can party hard all night, and then enjoy the other parts of the area as well. I think if Goa wasn’t like that I wouldn’t have put it at number one.


    I am truly proud to be a goan . I have travelled quite a bit in india & around the world there is no freedom like u get out here.

  12. Suhas BHUJBAL says:

    Worlds most positive vibes place means goa . A pure heaven for party, you will not get freedom the way goa have , it’s like a free land for party people . Hope any Hollywood director make a great movie on this place , specially about 70’s goa .😘

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