Tuz Lake – Cappadocia – Black Sea – Georgia (Part 1)

On our first day we decided to hike through Devrent Valley, for some amazing views and a rock that looks like a giant camel! Then hitched a ride to a village called Çavuşin. Çavuşin is by far my favourite place in Cappadocia, the views were absolutely breathtaking, the ancient houses carved into rock were fascinating, we had an awesome cheap lunch at a small hut restaurant and then were invited to try our hand at making pottery completely for free, I wish I had of been writing this blog at the time or I would have collected the specific names of these places, especially the pottery shop, definitely check out Çavuşin and if you see any pottery shops drop in and say hi 😉

Pottery in Cavusin
The next day we hit the "Love Valley", famous for... well... penises 🙂 And we also visited the underground city in Kaymaklı which cost 15tl entry but I think was worth it. Be warned, the tunnels are very narrow and go down very deep, more importantly when you get down bellow level 2 or 3 the oxygen gets quite thin and some people might freak out. Still, if you are brave it is an amazing place to see and experience. Just imagine, 1000s of people actually used to live down there!

It would have been wonderful to spend a few more days in Cappadocia and I have no doubt we would have found many more interesting things to see and do but we were quite limited on time so better keep moving. That evening we decided to leave Cappadocia just a few hours before sunset, this usually makes no sense at all when hitchhiking but the place we wanted to go was just slightly more than a days hitch so we knew we would probably need to camp out somewhere anyway and this way we would definitely be at our destination by the next night. Rize view black sea We got about 100km from where we were staying, just past Kayseri, and camped in the garden of a very welcoming highway restaurant. It might not seem like much but we were on the highway, past the next big city and at least I know that when we are camping we will be leaving at sunrise so will have a full day to travel, and it worked because we arrived that same night to Ceren's aunt's house in Rize (Black Sea area), just before sunset!

Black sea breakfast I'd heard a lot of nice things about the black sea, how green and fresh it was, how nice the people are, how great the food is. Let me tell you, they are ALL TRUE! We only stayed there 1 night but every person we met was wonderfully friendly, everything we ate was absolutely delicious, and my god is it green! Ceren's aunt actually lives in a huge house on top of one of the lush green mountains, our room that they gave us had a view of the sea on one side and a view of the mountains on the other... it was perfect, one of the nicest places I'd ever stayed! And then after an amazing Black Sea breakfast in which every ingredient had been grown within a few kilometres, and with a shopping bag full of hazel nuts from the garden in our hands; we started on the road to Tbilisi in Georgia.

Part 2 coming soon 😉

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2 comments on “Tuz Lake – Cappadocia – Black Sea – Georgia (Part 1)
  1. I cant' wait to read how it wil continue 🙂 ^-^ Was nice to read this part, I still have not visited cappadocia and your tips will be helpfull. 🙂

  2. Dan says:

    Is coming soon, how I met one of the coolest girls on a random highway in Georgia 😉

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