Tuz Lake – Cappadocia – Black Sea – Georgia (Part 1)

This was a trip I took last year with my girlfriend Yağmur and another really awesome Turkish friend called Ceren. We'd been talking about doing a hitchhiking trip with Ceren for a while and then we found out that Georgia didn't require a visa (or even a passport!) for Turkish people, and what's more Georgia is famous for cheap beer and delicious pork, 2 things I was really craving while living in Turkey. So time to pack a backpack and go check it out!

tuz golu We set off early in the morning towards our first destination; Tuz Gölü (Salt Lake), a place I actually found completely by accident. I was looking at a satellite image of Turkey on google and asked Yağmur what the huge mountain in the middle was, only to find out it wasn't a snow covered mountain but actually a massive 80 x 50 km salt lake that dries out and leaves a thick layer of salt that looks like snow every summer! How the hell had I never heard of such an amazing natural wonder just 650km from where I was living! So I of course instantly added it to my mental bucket list. Other than being one of the largest salt plains in the world it is also home to a large colony of Flamingos that live in the South of the lake. Also in certain places, at certain times of the year the lake is known to turn blood red! Something I have still yet to see so will no doubt me returning sometime soon!

Tuz golu salt lake camping We reached the lake a few hours before sunset, spent a little while walking around on the salt and then started looking for a nice quiet place to camp for the night. Btw, whenever camping in the nature always try to make sure NO ONE knows you are there or can find you, you are in the nature so if anything bad happens you are on your own!

The next day we hit the road for a very short hitch 100km to Cappadocia to meet our host, a really great French guy who had retired to the area. After dropping our bags and relaxing with a coffee, some good conversation and great advice from our host on what to see in the area we went out to explore.
Love Valley 02
Cappadocia might just be one of the most stunning and dreamlike natural landscapes I have ever seen. It really is like something you would see in a sci fi movie. The best way to get around this spread out area is DEFINITELY by hitchhiking, otherwise the only other option is to join a tour and tie yourself to a group of tourists. Devrent valley hiking Despite not being many cars on the road almost every driver is very happy to take you, and if you are as lucky as us you might just get to ride in the open trailer of a tracker, truly the best way to enjoy the beautiful scenery!


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2 comments on “Tuz Lake – Cappadocia – Black Sea – Georgia (Part 1)
  1. I cant' wait to read how it wil continue 🙂 ^-^ Was nice to read this part, I still have not visited cappadocia and your tips will be helpfull. 🙂

  2. Dan says:

    Is coming soon, how I met one of the coolest girls on a random highway in Georgia 😉

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