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Will I Ever Return Home?

Home is where Im with you

Well, first of all let me ask; what does home mean to you?Is it where you were born? Where you grew up? Is it where your family is? Is it where you have the most friends? Or where you feel

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Things to Do in and Around Izmir

Cock Tower in Konak Square in Izmir

Is Izmir Worth Visiting?Many people ask me this question as I lived in this Izmir for over a year, and my answer is… hell yes! Well, ok in terms of tourism Izmir doesn’t really compare to places like Istanbul or

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How to Take Your Money Abroad?

Currency exchange office in Izmir

**Much of this information may not apply to people living in the United States, for people living in the rest of the world please read on :)** “What’s the best way to take my money on holiday with me?” It’s

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Top 10 Things to Do in Istanbul

Ferry on bosphorus crossing to kadikoy

Of all the cities in all the world, few have as much culture as Istanbul. It’s a wonderfully unique city built on the boarder of Europe and Asia with thousands of years of history and some of the best food

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Songkran (Water Fight) Festival in Thailand.

Songkran in Chiang Mai pickup truck

Probably the best festival I have ever been to in my life was the Songkran festival in Thailand; Chiang Mai to be more precise. And actually I guess the second best was Loi Krathong also in Chiang Mai. Seriously, what

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10 Useful Things to Pack for a Budget Trip!


Packing is definitely one of the most important parts of planning which can make your trip a success or a failure, I have learnt this the hard way many times like the time I got lost in the countryside for

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First Newsletter

The Stupid Foreigner Profile picture

Last week I sent out my first ever newsletter so thought just this one time I will share it. I won’t be sharing next month though so sign up if you wanna receive these mails in the future. *************************************First Ever

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How to Get Robbed While Hitchhiking.

hitchhiking europe

I was almost hesitating to write this story as I don’t want to unnecessarily scare people who have never tried hitchhiking, which can and usually is an extremely safe way to travel, but I think it is also important to

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5 Things to Do in Bucharest

Bucharest free walking tour

When I first arrived in Bucharest by hitchhiking the car of a very friendly Romanian student, the guy apologized for his city, he said it is such an ugly place and the people are horrible, literally as we were entering

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Vama Veche, Maybe the Coolest Beach in Europe?

Vama Veche beach romania

Ok, for beauty it doesn’t really compare to the beaches in Italy, Spain, Turkey, etc. but for the coolness, this place rocks! Vama Veche is a beach in the south east corner of Romania where all the alternative youth of

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