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8 comments on “Ask a Question
  1. Alexander Lei says:

    Hi! Great website! How did you create this? I am interested to create one. 🙂

    • Thanks man, I’m glad you like it 🙂

      To make a website is pretty easy thanks to wordpress. Check out this video This really helped me when I first started.

      You also need to get some hosting and a domain name but that’s about it, then you have a website 🙂

      The hard part is getting people to actually visit it… I was lucky enough to have a lot of good friends around to help me sharing through facebook and get it started but it’s quite a lot of work and very time consuming. You can check Lisa Irby’s, it has a lot of good advice on getting people to visit your website.

      Hope that helped! Let me know if you actually make one, I’d love to check it out 🙂

  2. Francisco says:

    Hi, stupid foreigner! (oh! shit, now i feel bad for saying that )
    I’m travelling around, hitchhiking, and in a couple of weeks i want to go to turkey, visit istambul, izmir, etc… for a few days and then hh around the country… which places of turkey do you recommend??

    • Hey, Dont feel bad haha I chose that name 😉

      It depends on what kind of things you are interested in, but of course you should spend some time in Istanbul, this is a huge city with 100s of things to see and do, I have an article about it here:

      Don’t bother with Ankara it’s the capital but not much to do there to be honest.

      Cappadocia is absolutely amazing, you need 2-3 days to see the best parts. Also Tuz Golu(salt lake) nearby is really interesting but I think it might be flooded at this time of the year.

      Definitely visit Pamukkale also, it’s a hard place to describe but google it and you will see 10% of how beautiful it actually is in real life!

      For beach areas and cities with friendly open minded people the west coast from izmir down to antalya is very nice. It’s starting to get a bit cold for beaches around Izmir already but in Antalya you can still swim as late as November on warmer days.

      I don’t know much about the east of Turkey, but I do like the black sea area a lot.

      Did that cover it?

      I put them in order of importance so just try to see as much as you can.

      This is really a great country for travelling and especially by hitchhiking. Just avoid old looking cars driven by young people. There’s a type of people here called apaches, they are basically wannabe gansters and they are super proud of being Turkish so they only drive Turkish cars which havent been made in the last 20 years. So you can spot them easily. I wrote an article about the time I got robbed by these kind of people, also several other times I have rejected cars and I kinda know if I hadn’t I’d have been in a similar situation. Other than that Hitchhiking here is very safe, and very very easy.

      Have fun!


  3. Aleksandar says:


    I want to know how I can convince employer about my work experience if I m not born in Canada or Germany and I live for example in Serbia how I can prove my experience because I want to work in Canada or Australia?
    and can you tell my name of some site where I can fiend job in Australia,Canada,USA etc without be rejected,I mean its not problem to I be rejected but I don t want to that happen every time.

    • Dan Norris says:

      I’m sorry I don’t really understand your situation, but when ever I apply for a job I put on my resume that the references are available on request and have never actually been asked for them.

      If they want references you just give it to them the same as you would for any country, of course translating it for them if they are in another language. Sorry I can’t say anything more than that without understanding your situation.

      • Aleksandar says:

        OK I m gonna put it like this:If I want to work in country s such as Canada,Germany,USA,Norway or Sweden what first should I do?,I heard many people that they go in Canada,Norway or Sweden without knowing main language,plus they don t have relatives in those states.How that is possible well I m not gonna smart with nobody I m here to seek help but systems is corrupt,how is possible to Germany or Canada I should need to sign a bunch of papers until some low key people of Afghan decent or Croat decent can jump the border without documents or knowing language,even if they legal and still don t know language country s accept them.I sent more than 500 CV on many ads,I try to prove my work experience to employees but they don t trust I don t know what should I do,I just want to have new life and change environment.

        If you can help I l be grateful.

  4. Azam says:

    hi man.I find your website .that is very good.Have you ever been in Iran?

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