There’s a Monkey in My Bed! – A Trip to Hampi, India.

 Daniel Norris "Human" Monkey, as the locals call them.

Dan Norris "Human" Monkey, as the locals call them.

And no, I'm definitely not talking about my girlfriend... better just say that before I get in trouble 😉

One of the most mystical places I have ever been in my life was the deeply religious and spiritual town of Hampi in central India. After spending 2 weeks partying hard on the beaches of Goa there is no better place to go and relax. We arrived by 3rd class train (which means we sat on the wooden floor for 8 hours) with nothing but the name of a hostel I'd been recommended. After asking one or two of the locals I discovered that this hostel, The Goan Corner was actually not in hampi town but across the river from it, and that we actually had to take a boat to get there! None the less, after the rave review I'd been given about this place and more importantly the people and atmosphere of it, we were determined to find it! So we wandered on through the town, through the winding roads finally we could see the river which we had to cross. To get to the boat we literally had to climb over several huge boulders, and wade through water and even after we had gotten to the other side of the river the journey didn't end yet.

 Daniel Norris  Rice fields leading to our hostel.

Dan Norris Rice fields leading to our hostel.

There was a very small town consisting of mostly dirt roads and a few hostels and restaurants on the other side, so we stopped to ask a chubby Indian man for some last directions. "Go through this hole in the fence, follow the path, cross a few rice fields and you will be there in about 10 minutes..." Seriously?! This place had better be worth it.... So we continued walking. I must say, it was a bit of a trek, especially with a huge backpack on and not knowing the way; but the scenery was absolutely beautiful! The town was full of historical buildings, the river was peaceful, and the mountains were as if one of their many gods had been playing lego with giant boulders, it was breathtaking.

So we finally arrived and the hostel was quite nice, we stayed in a mud hut there for around €3 for the first night but ended up switching to their neighbour Blue Eye hostel after having dinner and making a few friends there. They also offered us a better price to stay in a tree house, so why not... is not every day you get to sleep in a tree house right? The only thing was, when you build a tree house in a country full of monkeys, I guess it's better not to build it in a fruit tree. So... I woke up the first morning with a bloody big monkey sitting at the end of my bed and going through my stuff! Not even one of the little ones, it was about the size of a 10 year old child! Luckily he didn't manage to find my wallet and he (I don't know why I feel like it was a male) just ran off as soon as he saw I was awake.

 Daniel Norris Basket boat on Tungabhadra river.

Dan Norris Basket boat on Tungabhadra river.

We spent 4 or 5 days in Hampi, feeding monkeys and elephants, fishing in the river (actually just feeding the fish as well), hiking in the mountains and exploring temples. It really is the perfect place to chill out, especially after all the craziness in other parts of India. And I would DEFINITELY recommend staying at one of the super cheap mud huts or tree houses in The Goan Corner or Blue Eye across the river! As I was told before I arrived, great people, great atmosphere and set in one of the most beautiful places in all of India. As long as you don't have a fear of monkeys 😉

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4 comments on “There’s a Monkey in My Bed! – A Trip to Hampi, India.
  1. Very nice post Dan, I had so much lough, I love it 🙂
    If I ever go to India, Ill try this route as well.

  2. Dan says:

    You really should, Goa and Hampi are the 2 best places in India. Wish I could have travelled more in the south though.

  3. Sounds like a nice place. The monkeys are a bonus! After all that's a very unusual experience. When it comes to trains in India, even when you buy third class you can ask the people working on the train for a free upgrade. They always comply. Once I was upgraded to to the Aircon bed wagon. Much nicer then Third class 🙂

  4. Dan says:

    Free upgrade?! Omg I never knew that! I'd heard that you can upgrade once you are on the train but I figured they would want a huge bribe for doing this. I'll have to update the info on my India page, thx!

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