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Chilling in the jungles of India My name is Dan. I left my home in the UK in 2005 and have been living and travelling abroad ever since. Over the long years, through many experiences good and bad I've learned that travelling is no where near as expensive as so many people believe! In fact, I can honestly say I often spend less money when I am travelling than when I am living somewhere long term! Through hitchhiking, camping, couchsurfing and saving money in many different ways, I managed to get my budget down to around €5-10 per day. That works out at around €250 per month, or about €3000 for a whole year's travelling! So I am making this site to teach others how I do this and talk about my experiences. I am not going to say my travels have been easy, you don't usually get much luxury when budget travelling, but I wouldn't trade the experiences I've had, and the friends I've made for anything in the world. When I travel I aim to learn about the culture, to experience it, to feel it. To live like a local, not like a tourist.

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5 comments on “About me
  1. Nina Vaxanski says:

    I leave this comment full of proud as I am honoured to be the very FIRST , I am buptiser, that’s true 🙂
    Without joke: I love the way you think, the way you travel and live. Thanks for starting this blog. You help peaple like me, addicted to travel, to realise: Travel is not for rich peaple only.
    Wish you luck and millions of readers and Im so proud to be N1.
    Cheers :):)

  2. Mei Wang says:

    I want to say that you changed my life.

    • Dan says:

      Everyone we meet from when we are born until when we die change our lives Mei, Im so honoured to be one of them!

      It’s been so long since we talked actually. We should catch up on facebook or skype sometime.

  3. Dan! Glad to see you got the page up off the ground after always fielding advice when people are baffled at how you have been doing what you do. Hope this site takes off for you and you help people out.

    I’d also recommend doing an accompanying e-book, for those that would like to take this advice on the go.

  4. lady says:

    Hey Dan,

    It´s amazing all the places you have visited 🙂

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